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Ask me anything   My Name is Amira, I am 29 yrs Palestinian living in UAE - Abu Dhabi . Echelon.Saw Mars on:11.3.2011 - Abu habi UAE - 16.7.2011 - Byblos Lebanon, 29.11.2011 - Cologne Germany, 30.11.2011 - Antwerp Belguim.
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    To the Zionist trolls who continue bringing up their top four most absurd arguments to justify these latest atrocities: →

    1) “Hamas fired 1,394 rockets at Israel!”

    How many rockets, missiles, tank shells, cluster bombs, white phosphorous bombs, bullets, cannons and grenades has Israel unleashed on the Palestinians? It’s a sad situation and only reflective of the evident bias when you can count to the 3rd decimal…

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Jewish Voice for Peace:
NOW: Thousands of Palestinians march from Ramallah to Jerusalem in largest protest in decades! Follow hashtag #48KMarch

    NOW: Thousands of Palestinians march from Ramallah to Jerusalem in largest protest in decades!

    Follow hashtag #48KMarch

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    Israel shelled a UN complex in Gaza


    And you fucks still think its about Hamas

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    Names and ages of all killed in Gaza till Thursday morning! →


    Tuesday, July 8:
    1. Mohammed Sha’aban, 24, was killed in a bombing of his car in Gaza City.
    2. Ahmad Sha’aban, 30, died in the same bombing.
    3. Khadir al-Bashiliki, 45, died in the same bombing.
    4. Rashad Yaseen, 27, was killed in a bombing of the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

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    Israel puts on a show for the world’s media by reminding them over and over again how they tell Palestinian civilians to “evacuate” (which is an insult in itself since they’re not allowed to leave Gaza due to the illegal blockade), but the reality on the ground is that they tell Palestinians ‘we will kill you no matter where you go - you are our targets’ by bombing all the places they’re taking shelter in - ambulances, hospitals and UN schools.

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    Answering the Anonyms question

    I wanted to answer this in private but apperantly this has to be posted as public reply, I relised that after posting it then deleting it and now I cannot go back to the question (yeah tumblr is not my friend when it comes to inbox because I don’t get that many)

    an anonyms asked me if the news about some terrorsits who ride an ambulance after shooting at IDF was true. here is my answer:-

    No, there was no terrorists riding an ambulance, and no there are no terrorists hiding in civilian buildings, or shcools, or hospitals or mosques.

    let me set this straight for you. Men who are armed and defending their country and fighting for freedom are not called terroriest they are resistance. this massacar in Gaza right now is not about defending israel or revenging the 3 teenagers (if truely killed by palestians then its a solo act and does not represent the resistance in any shape or form). and as you can see all the resistance has killed since the begining of this are IDF soldiers (no childern, no women, no innocent people coz they are not the target)

    I wish everyone would do some history search and read a bit on Palestine and the whole land of Lebanon+Jordan+Syria how everyone lived there before Israel and how peacful it was with Muslims, Christains and Jew living all togather.

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    #Gaza  #Free Palestine 
    "Reblog if you support Gaza."
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    Photos of the BBC protest in belfast. 21 July 2014

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