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Ask me anything   My Name is Amira, I am 29 yrs Palestinian living in UAE - Abu Dhabi . Echelon.Saw Mars on:11.3.2011 - Abu habi UAE - 16.7.2011 - Byblos Lebanon, 29.11.2011 - Cologne Germany, 30.11.2011 - Antwerp Belguim.
Saw the Backstreet Boys live 17.12.2009 KTBSPA. Fav Series: Supernatual, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Hannibal, AHS, TVD, The Originals. Fav Charachters: Tony Stark, Loki, Bruce Banner. Big fan of: P!ATD, FOB, Queen, Coldplay,1R, Conor Mayard, Adele, Christina Aguilera,


    "If I came with a bible in one hand and a rifle in the other, knocked on your door, and said: according to my bible, my family lived in your home two thousand years ago would you pack up your bags and leave?"
    Dr. Norman Finkelstein on Palestine/Israel (via american-radical)
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    غزة قاومت وحدها وانتصرت وحدها , وتهدي نصرها لكل عربي شريف : )

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    Blue Ivy doing the ***Flawless Dance @ The VMAS 2014.

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    Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie on Chris Evans’ left boob grabbing problem (x)

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Yellow Strawflower by RobertSchwartz


    Yellow Strawflower by RobertSchwartz

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    i don’t think we talk about this enough

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